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We have the pleasure to announce we will be happy to host students of performing arts from other countries to having studies in our school, Nicolau Breyner Academia, is officially certified by ministries of education and labour and founded by one of the greatest Portuguese actors.

This educational exchange program certainly will be an excellent contribution to increase the knowledge about international acting technics.


NBACR – Academia, based in Lisbon, Portugal, is a vocational training school for film, theatre, television actors and general multimedia contents. Nicolau Breyner was an actor, producer, director and one of the most popular Portuguese figures in the 20th century. He decisively boosted and promoted the career of hundreds of actors, from beginners to the most consecrated.

With an excellent technical team and spaces suitable for different training needs, NB Academia proposes to spread and deepen the legacy of its founder, through the implementation of pedagogical and curricular plans that adopt the latest trends and best practices in teaching in acting and audio-visuals areas.


400h Intensive course we present in this page is adaptable in the interesse of any group. 

According our intensive course plan, the minimum participants required is 15 students.

This course is destined to actors, students and other people interested in learning or perfecting themselves in acting techniques while using the English language. Among other objectives, this training aims to prepare students for castings in international productions, as well as for applications and auditions for international acting schools.


In a gradual and dynamic curriculum, the following learning objectives will be pursued through cooperative work integrating different teachers and modules:

  • To explore and increase self-knowledge, disinhibition, posture, breathing, vocal preparation, diction, improvisation, listening, exploration of movement and space

  • To introduce character-building, dialogue and screen-acting techniques

  • To gain basic knowledge on the national and international recorded media market, Career Management, Personal Image and Casting Preparation.



The different modules will be taught in an integrated way by the various teachers.

The teaching methods used will optimize the individual progression of the participant, through procedures of Awareness, Training and Evaluation.

There will be a "guiding thread", initiated and based around the Methods and Techniques of Acting classes and developing in the Body and Voice classes, that will consist of a mini-script or adapted dramaturgical text, adaptable to the specific group of students present.

The Camera Acting Classes will serve as a “culmination" of the integrated teaching process. Happening alongside the rest of the lessons, this class will be used for the final preparations and the filming of the mini-script / text.


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